• Reliable Operating Theatre

    Tracking staff and patients in the operating theatres, to ensure surgeries start on time. This project uses low-engergy beacons handed out to staff and patients.


  • Smart Pillbox

    Developing a pillbox that uses spectroscopy to identify which pills are placed on it. This project aims to reduce medication errors.


  • Prosthesis Fitting and Fabrication

    Innovating the process of prosthesis fabrication using 3D scanning and printing technologies to reduce fabrication time and costs, and enhance patient care.


  • Smart IV Line

    Development of 3D-printed clamp for IV lines. Using spectroscopy, it verifies in real-time the liquids inside the IV line. This project aims to reduce medication errors.


  • Handwash Monitoring

    Developing sensing technologies that can monitor how well people wash their hands, and whether they wash their hands at the right time.


  • Augmented Surgery

    Using augmented reality to improve the experience of surgeons during operations, and particularly to enhance the education of trainee surgeons.


  • Predicting Emergency Admissions

    Improving our ability to predict how many people visit a hospital’s Emergency Department, based on contextual and environmental factors.


  • Smartphones for Science

    Developing smartphone software to monitor patients’ behaviour and lifestyle in and out of the hospital.


  • Proactive smart speakers

    Developing proactive smart speakers for chronic disease management.